Fly Tying Mondays Resume on December 5th.

We will get another season rolling on Monday December 4th at TC Outfitters. From 7 pm to 9 pm. members are always welcome.

A box full of flies!

A box full of flies!
...and fly fishers

Monday, November 6, 2017

Fly Tying Mondays Start on Monday December 4th at TC Outfitters

Well the fly tying season kicks off on Monday, December 4th at TC Outfitters starting at  7 pm. We generally are all finished up at 9 pm. Remember that each session costs $3.00 per person. That covers the costs of the fly tying materials for the evening per person!

New fly tyers are always welcome!

What do you need to have along with you? Here are the basics:

  • a fly tying vice
  • sharp pair of scissors (you can get cheap sharp ones at Michaels for about $8
  • whip finishing tool
  • a bobbin or two (to hold tying thread)
  • fly tying thread: I suggest back, red, olive, orange (8/0) and the same colours in 6/0; you at times will need other colours but these are the basic colours that will get you by!
  • some crazy glue (brushable type, can get at Michaels)
  • dubbing twister
  • hair stacker
  • velcro brush

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Gearing Up for Fly Tying Mondays Starting on December 4th

Hi Everybody!

Well after a lot of searching and talking with others, we have decided to try to have Fly Tying Mondays right at TC Outfitters. There is plenty of parking and the back space will not cost us anything.

There is a catch. We need to gather tables and folding chairs. We are going to ask for donations to get this done. We want to use 4 foot folding tables (cost is about $40 to $60). We are on a bit of a search to find tables where it is easy to attach a fly tying vice clamp. Most folding chairs cost between $10.00 and $17.00.

We hope to gather 35 chairs and 8 tables.

If you are willing to donate a table or 4 chairs or money to purchase any of the above, please get in contact with me by replying to this e-mail. Once we have gathered the tables and chairs we are in business.

The space at TC Outfitters will be tight at times but we are now going to be in control of coming and going; having pop/coffee; easy parking; no insurance or booking fees necessary and we can leave our set up gear at the shop. All of this will be a major convenience!

...and now

We need presenters! You do not have to be a pro to do this, just willing and enthusiastic to share three fly tying patterns. You organize all the materials, lead us in tying the patterns. We will cover the costs of the materials.

Here are the dates. Please drop me a note and tell me what date works for you!

December 4th Bob Vanderwater The Canadian Series of Balanced Flies
December 11th
December 18th

Christmas Break

January 9th Special Presentation Rick, Bob and Karen in the Arctic
January 16th
January 23rd
January 30th

February 3rd Saturday all day workshop with Phil Rowley cost $45

February 5th
February 12th
February 19th No Tying Family Day
February 26th

March 5th
March 12th
March 19th

March 26th

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Another Amazing Day Out West

Only 4 days until our Eastern slopes rivers are put to bed for another year. But, yesterday, what a day. 17C, no wind and willing cutthroat! Stuart and his buddy, Murray, joined me for a day on what truly is a blue ribbon cutthroat river. The river is no secret and those who know me understand my love for the area I like to hang out in!

Well it was -2C when we started to walk and everything was frosty. Even the mud was easy to walk on first thing! After 3 km of walking it was time to fish! It is rare to see rising fish this time of the year although later in the day we encountered a light BWO hatch that had the attention of several sizeable cutthroat and of course, us!

The gin clear water allowed us to see the fish in the runs. They were spooky because of the perfectly clear water but we did catch our share of beautifully conditioned late season west slope cutthroat!

As usual, the day moved way too fast. I did not fish much today. I love getting the camera out and trying to catch some fun moments! Many of the cutthroat trout were quite colourful.

The walk back was slippery because the frost was off the mud.

We washed off our gear and headed back to Red Deer. Stuart made sure I got home at the appointed time. A little driftin' as were rumbled down the gravel!

One awesome day Murray and Stuart. I enjoyed my day with you two!